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On our final episode of the semester, we have an exciting announcement about our membership drive,  we discuss DeVos’ comments about class size in Listener Mail, Sean gives his perspectives on making choices in Thought Leaders, Rose Martin joins us to take a look at the Best Practice book on Journal Club, We examine changing the education paradigm through Design Lab’s X-block in our Case Study and Round Table, and continue discussing the hiring process on EdPOP Extras.

This month, we dig into getting the best out of your faculty that you inherit, new resume considerations, top 10 takeaways from the book No-Drama Discipline, a case study on creating relevant advisories, making sure we do the math on school bathroom use policies, and what really motivates teachers.

On this month’s episode, we dig into the fallout of the strike in LA, a case study on PBIS ticket systems, preparing students for college readiness beyond academics, war stories from the teachers’ lounge, and extras on Hendy Avenue and evaluations.

On this month's episode, we discuss the true meaning of rigor, the big issues with dress codes and school uniforms, Charlotte Danielson’s framework, how to make service hours meaningful, a case study on raising attendance and decimating your no-show list and how to properly celebrate non-secular holidays in a public school. Become a member to receive companion documents and continuing education hour records. 

Join us as we explore the history of compulsory education, a case study and roundtable review of hallway lockouts, nature-based education, John Hattie's 'Visible Learning' review, and anecdotes from the classroom.  Become a member to receive companion documents and continuing education hour records. 

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